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Enterprise development is the deliberate and planned growth of a business by creating increased value for customers in its offering of products and services.

Owners and Managers of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are reluctant to hire consultants or approach a consultancy firm because they do not see an appropriate value for money and time invested in consulting.  

Therefore, they ask themselves the following: 

  1.  What will a consultant do for me? 
  2. As a business owner, why should I need external help? 
  3. Will this consultant understand my business enough to offer appropriate advice?

We understand your frustrations about engaging consultants hence why our Enterprise Development solution is different from our competitors.  It is cost-effective, low-priced, data, and technology-driven and collaborative with on-going support as your business advances/expands.

Our enterprise development solution is specifically coined for small-medium enterprises by taking aspects of our consulting services and tailoring it to meet the demands of MSMEs. This will encourage the budding entrepreneur to take the leap and go head-on with their business ideas, provide reassurance on processes to put in place and fully equip your team to drive growth. 

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Get more out of Enterprise Development Solution with these extra capabilities:  

Bespoke Solutions

Address challenges facing your business from an initial feasibility study, implementation, and post-service support.

Customized Training

Build workforce productivity with an Instructor-led training program, catering to your workforce in various roles and responsibilities.

Virtual CFO

Engage our highly skilled finance experts who will provide clarity on your finances, investment decisions, and lead on fundraising rounds.