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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation involves many different technologies and some of the hottest topics right now are cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Big data, and artificial intelligence.

Technologies are rapidly changing how businesses operate and it has become a major factor in determining competitiveness. To remain competitive, agile, innovative and responsive, businesses need to invest considerable time and effort on technology.

At Harebridge, we work with you to define your business vision, plan and competitiveness by reviewing your IT strategy and delivering tailored technological solutions through analytics and on-going support to ensure that you do not get stuck.

Why Prioritize a Digital Transformation Strategy?

The need for some business to compete with disruptors in their industry and others realizing that they have to innovate to keep up with customer expectations, explains the fact that traditional ways of doing business will no longer cut it.

A recent IDG study found that 89% of enterprises have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital first strategy.

If almost all companies are going digital-first, it begs the question: what will happen to the other 11%?

Our services include:


  • IT Assessment
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Governance
  • IT Project Delivery & IT Systems Implementation
  • Independent Software Selection & Vendor Management

Technology Assurance

  • Systems & Compliance Assessment
  • Systems Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Payment and Data Security

Business & Data Analytics

  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Data Migration
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • HR Analytics


  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Analytics
  • Digital Architecture
  • Digital Marketing